Felipe Salvini

  • Current company Sieve
  • Location Brazil

Sieve’s price intelligence tool pulls critical pricing and product information from online retailers’ websites. The proprietary technology uses a “web crawler” to search thousands of websites daily for prices so that retailers, manufacturers, and distributors can track competitors’ products on Sieve’s easy-to-use website and change their own prices accordingly. This enables them to easily define sales strategies, reposition brands, and make pricing decisions quickly to cut costs and remain competitive. Sieve targets Brazil’s growing market of 15,000 online retailers, aiming to become “the Nielsen of ecommerce,” adding a data-as-a-service (DaaS) model and expanding to the U.S.

Sieve’s proprietary, internet-based algorithm allows it to evolve alongside the changing needs of the Brazilian ecommerce community. The company boasts over 300 clients in Brazil alone, including Walmart and Samsung, and has raised two rounds of funding from Arpex Capital. The company outstrips competitors in terms of its capacity for extracting data from an unlimited number of websites in real time, with customizable features for larger clients. Sieve is the largest and best reputed player in the price intelligence field in Brazil.

Sievee has won second place at startup competition Tire do Papel and first at the 200-startup tech competition Campus Party. Looking forward, Sieve aims to add a DaaS platform for consulting firms. The company is in talks with Bain and McKinsey and plans to monetize its growing database of 2 million tracked products. The team continues to focus on SMEs in Brazil as it crafts a viable expansion strategy for Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

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