Selected 2011

Felipe Ribeiro

  • Current company B2
  • Location Brazil

When Ricardo Buckup and Carlos Balma graduated from university, they wanted to celebrate the occasion with their families, but Brazil’s universities do not sponsor graduation celebrations. The two spearheaded a committee to organize a reception for their graduating class. The event was so successful, they have turned its concept into a business. Founded in 2002, B2 has become the go-to brand from premium graduation events, and has evolved into a premier marketing firm giving brands and advertisers unique access to Brazil’s burgeoning youth market.

In its early years, B2 worked with Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, where Felipe Ribeiro studied and was responsible for organizing the school’s graduation reception. Impressed by his thoroughness and enthusiasm, Ricardo and Carlos took on Felipe as an intern before hiring him full-time.

Today, event fees paid by students and advertising are the main sources of B2’s revenue. The company has cultivated a strong relationship with suppliers. Guests can also recognize signature event qualities.

In an industry where incentivize and talent retention are of utmost importance, B2 has excelled in its HR policies. They use aggressive variable pay and a transparent performance matrix to incentivize employees.

Ricardo, Carlos and Felipe have proven adept at team building and creating a strong company culture. As part of the Endeavor network, they have a chance to turn B2 into a national example of youth entrepreneurship.

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