Selected 2011

Fadi Al-Atrash

  • Current company Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API)
  • Location Jordan
  • Industry Healthcare

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API) is helping people come to their senses. Since its founded in 1989 by pharmacist Mohamad Al-Altrash, API has become a leading regional manufacturer of niche branded generics, including eye drops, ointments, nasal sprays and topical preparations. Mohamad’s son, Fai, joined API in 2006. He added new product lines and export markets, introduced license manufacturing into company strategy, implemented HR and finance policies and rebranded the business. API has tapped into Jordan’s export market.

Born into a family of pharmacists, the pharmaceutical industry was a natural choice for Fadi. After working for other companies, Mohamad started a pharma manufacturing company, and later sold the shares to start API in 1989. For 15 years the company grew steadily, manufacturing and distributing niche branded generics. During this time, Fadi gained significant sales and marketing experience in the industry. He received a degree from Ahliyah Amman University, and worked for Les Laboratoires SERVIER. He later moved to Saudi Arabia to work for Novartis. He then returned to Jordan, and finally joined PAI in 2006.

Fadi has since injected new life into API, growing the number of products the company manufactures and the markets it exports to. API has expanded into new product lines such as: eye ointments, nasal metered sprays, and the like. Fadi plans revenue to grow, and to increase product lines.

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