Ernesto Cambursano

  • Current company DataFactory
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Marketing

DataFactory (DF) is a media platform that aggregates data from over 30,000 live events each year, and displays it in attractive, customizable visualizations for media outlets, sports associations, and professional teams.

A lifelong sports fan, Ernesto Cambursano, was born and raised in Argentina. He enrolled in the Communications program at the University of Buenos Aires, but soon dropped out to become the Internet Content Production Manager at Clarín, Argentina’s largest newspaper, where he began working with sports data.

Amidst the Internet bubble crisis, Ernesto saw an opportunity: media channels now lacked the resources for internal data collection. In 2002 he began providing standard sports data to media companies. Ernesto recognized that simple data delivery was insufficient; providers also needed data displays for a range of mediums. Just 18 months later DF was hired by ESPN, and secured several important partnerships. The company grew steadily, and in 2010, the industry’s global sought to buy it. This prompted Ernesto to think bigger and expand his venture.

DF presents real-time sports data through user-friendly interfaces across all mediums at a price 30% cheaper than competitors. Media companies and professional associations integrate with DF’s Data Center, which contains millions of data points. Unlike its global competitors, DF’s technology is compatible with smaller media companies, which allows them to target a much larger customer base.

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