Selected 2010

Erdem Yurdanur

  • Current company Kokteyl
  • Location Turkey

Entrepreneur Erdem Yurdanur now runs Kokteyl, a software incubator that develops web-based businesses and the backend software to support their products. The company has created a name for itself by developing innovative mobile and web products and applications. As creators of the first Turkish mobile application store, Kokteyl’s reputation is well deserved.

Erdem’s passion for entrepreneurship started with photography. In 1990, he graduated from Bogazici University, and soon thereafter started work in the IT department of Turkey’s largest white goods manufacturer. In 1995, he and some friends launched Coretech, which ultimately was extremely successful. He began to explore new ventures with an unlikely partner.

By 2001, Erdem decided he could not concentrate on this new project, and founded Kokteyl.

Through Kokteyl, Erdem now manages 25 software engineers who develop new projects year-round. Though most of their products come from in house developers, Kokteyl is open to developing software for third parties when revenue sharing is part of the contract. Erdem has a policy of spinning off projects as they become profitable and exhibit signs of rapid growth.

In Kokteyl, Erdem has implemented a model that is successful in the developed world and clearly aligned with Endeavor’s goals.

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