Selected 2010

Emrah Kaya

  • Current company Youtholding
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Marketing

Emrah Kaya has built three industry-leading companies and implemented hundreds of customized, creative, projects targeted at Turkey’s under-30 demographic. With support of his COO Asli Caner, Emrah now oversees three specialized agencies: The Uniclub, Egitism, and Youth Media.

Emrah has been an entrepreneur since the age of 22. During his senior year at Istanbul University, Emrah and his friend Erdem convinced Nescafe to sponsor a series of talks by celebrities on campus. They came up with creative ways to pay for set-up and went on to replicate their success with other top companies.

Emrah grew the events marketing company into a broader platform for youth engagement. While continuing to reinvest profit, he and Erdem felt compelled to address the relevant skills gap they had experienced in Turkey’s university system. They launched Egitism to attract working professionals as campus speakers.

Emrah decided to permanently augment The Uniclub’s services with guerilla marketing campaigns for Turkish youth. Over time, Emrah informally integrated The Uniclub and Egitism into a flexible service model. While one business helped corporations tap into a sizeable target market, the other built a skilled workforce and helped corporations recruit for a prescreened talent pool. He hired Asli Cancer, a trained journalist with experience to lead a new venture called Youth Media. Emrah and Asli have created a platform that adds value to companies targeting young people in Turkey.

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