Selected 2011

Eduardo Stekel

  • Current company Buscalibre
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Retail

Founded by Eduardo Stekel in 2006, BuscaLibre is a Chilean e-commerce website for books and offers a comprehensive collection of titles by unifying Latin America’s segmented book markets through a network of local publishers. Buscalibre competes against global competitors by catering to local market tastes and payment preferences.

Eduardo was a student at the Universidad Católica. He found an extremely fragmented market, and in 2006, founded Buscalibre to aggregate the inventories of local book stores online so customers could easily search for books. With the help of a few friends who were book street vendors in Santiago, Eduardo started cataloging their collections on

After being introduced to his friend’s cousin, Ricardo, Eduardo knew he found the partner Buscalibre needed. Ricardo had the professional and entrepreneurial pedigree. Together, the two entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to transform Buscalibre from an online search engine to an ecommerce company. With Ricardo’s experience and Eduardo’s network, the two entrepreneurs leveraged Eduardo’s contacts into Buscalibre’s first supplier relationships. Today, when a book order is submitted, Buscalibre automatically generates an order to one of its publishers, who then ships it to Buscaliber’s same-country outpost.

Today, the website attracts customers from countries beyond its key markets. It has generated a following because it offers customers flexible payment options when purchasing titles from one of the most comprehensive catalogs of Spanish language books online. Apart from its network of publisher relationships, Buscalibre distinguishes itself from global e-commerce competitors through its variety of local payment options.

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