Eduardo Gutierrez

  • Current company Disfruta
  • Location Peru
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Disfruta is modernizing the juice industry in Peru by pioneering a chain of juice bars designed to appeal to sophisticated, health-conscious, consumers.

Azucena and Eduardo Gutiérrez grew up in the fruit industry. Their parents sold wholesale fruits and their grandparents ran a juice-stand for 60 years. Working in the restaurant business instilled in them the importance of excellent service, superb ingredients, and watchful management. The siblings both attended Universidad del Pacifico in Lima. While in business school, Azucena took a course that required developing a business plan. She took the opportunity to really think about transforming the juice industry.

In 2007, Azucena and Eduardo had saved up enough money to buy a small space near their parents’ restaurant. There, they opened their first juice bar. It was a huge success and they quickly began expanding, and were soon offered a franchise deal with a local mall.

Disfruta offers all-natural juices concocted from fruits that have been carefully selected from the country’s highest quality suppliers, delivered within a relaxed setting. Many of the juices include health-enhancing supplements and infusions, such as chia seeds. They juices include themed blends that provide tailored nutrition for expecting mothers, customers who have specific illnesses, or who want a natural energy boost. The company avoids price-fluctuations by buying fruits when they are in season, and freezing them within a central processing plant.

Eduardo and Azucena’s commitment to giving back is exemplified through their selection of fair trade suppliers, and their commitment to eco-friendly practices and packaging.

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