Eduardo Cretier Peña

  • Current company IQS
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Manufacturing

International Quality System (IQS) saves industrial companies time and money by diagnosing and eliminating static equipment failures in large-scale production processes. IQS operates predominantly in the pulp and paper industry, which has been neglected by the diagnostic maintenance market. Founded in 1998, IQS now offers plant operators the fastest service in the industry with the capabilities to discover maintenance needs before they lead to system malfunctions. Between its two services, Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Maintenance, IQS processes and reports data with greater speed and accuracy than its competitors.

Their proprietary software reduces overall maintenance costs by identifying future maintenance needs to avoid emergency plant shutdowns, factors which greatly improve client production and profitability. This allows for improved operational reliability while also minimizing industrial plant “down time.” IQS has optimized its services to have its clients up and running in half the time of competitors. This is made possible through nontoxic diagnostic x-ray machines that can run while plant workers are present.

IQS counts some of Chile’s largest cellulose companies as clients, and has been selected as the sole supplier of diagnostic maintenance services for its largest client’s five Chilean plants. The company is developing robotic maintenance technology that will enable it to service both static and dynamic machines and reduce manual labor requirements. Additonally, Eduardo has plans to expand to the international branches of its Chilean clients and to acquire additional clients in the pulp and paper industry.

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