Edgar Crespo

  • Current company Colours
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Marketing

Cory Crespo founded COLOüRS Worldwide in 2003. COLOüRS creates memorable experiences to connect brands and celebrities with consumers who share a passion for fashion, art, music, entertainment, and sports. Through three vertically integrated subsidiaries specializing in marketing and talent management, COLOüRS assesses the marketing sector in Mexico. The firm produces 150 events and festivals annually, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico. To solidify its position, COLOüRS will increase media participation at live events in order to multiply audience sizes and create new advertising opportunities.

Cory Crespo’s career has been shaped by the pursuit of diverse passions. Cory grew up in Mexico City and attended university in Puebla. He studied business administration, and later worked for Unilever. He left Unilever in 2003 to found COLOüRS as an alternative marketing agency. Within 2 years, the firm represented several top brands. Cory saw a chance to channel his team’s creative expertise. In 2012, Cory and Jorge Mondragón founded the first official talent agency in Mexico, CMX Talent, which is now a COLOüRS Worldwide subsidiary.

COLOüRS connects top global brands, prominent celebrities, and select consumers through strategic campaigns and targeted events. It is a one stop shop for diverse clients and is able to forge unique commercial connections. It harnesses and scales creativity through an incentive policy.

In the language of Endeavor, Cory is a true “Star.” He is a strong brand ambassador who has found a way to channel vibrant creative energy into a unique and successful business.

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