Selected 2012

Diego Saez-Gil

  • Current company Bluesmart
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Retail

WeHostels is ready to become the leading social-mobile booking site for young travellers. In an industry dominated by large, impersonal companies, Diego Saez-Gil seeks to revolutionize online budget travel booking. WeHostels, founded in 2011, offers a social-mobile platform through which users can not only browse and book hostels on the go, but can also see who else will be staying in each accommodation. Even before arriving at their destinations, WeHostels travelers can connect with those who will be staying at the same hostel.

Diego left his small town in northern Argentina with a business degree and an itch to travel. He earned his MBA at Barcelona’s Universidad Ramon Llull while working at Altran and PricewaterhouseCoopers. After extensive travelling, Diego realized that the backpacker community was underserved by the Internet travel industry. In 2011, Diego founded a project that focused on mobile access. With help from a team of engineers and businesspeople on board, was founded in four months. takes a community approach to hostel booking in a way that is novel to the travel industry. Travelers connect their Facebook profiles to their WeHostels accounts, and hostel owners set up their own profiles to post details about the accommodations they offer. In order to emphasize the social experience, the company had developed engaging features designed to keep users involved, including the Hostel Lounge and Badges.

The heart of WeHostels competitive advantage is its dedication to technological innovation and its appeal to a youthful, untapped market.

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