Derv Rao

  • Current company Duplays
  • Location UAE
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

Since 2008, Duplays has used sport to engage communities, satisfying the social and physical activity needs of young professionals and expats living in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Expats face logistical and organizational hurdles that might otherwise bar them from participating in team activities. As a sports network enabler, Duplays handles the logistics of organizing tournaments and leagues in over 20 sports through its comprehensive online platform. The company has also developed employee wellness programs for 65 corporations. Additionally, Duplays has hosted over 20 sports events sponsored by big-name athletic brands looking to carry out initiatives to reach customers who associate with Duplays’ fitness-promoting brand.

The company has grown its member base from 400 members in Dubai to 55,000 members in five cities. Having received US$1.2M in VC funds, the entrepreneurs are positioned to take their company to the next level. Duplays recently launched two new initiatives: PlayPass, a technology platform to help sports organizers plan and coordinate events, as well as franchising (already in Qatar, Jordan and India) to scale growth internationally. These initiatives are high-margin and highly exportable, allowing the Duplays brand to break into new and surrounding markets.

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