Davide d’Atri

  • Current company Soundreef
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Media

Soundreef is the first private European company that collects and distributes music royalties on behalf of artists and publishers. Following a directive enacted by the EU in 2014 to liberalize the music copyright collection industry, Soundreef worked fast to defeat a royalty collection monopoly of 27 European Collective Management Organizations. Soundreef revolutionized its industry by establishing itself as an independent management entity to offer an alternative to inefficient and non-transparent collecting societies. It provides music users with cost-effective licenses and pays rights holders their royalties with full transparency letting artists, record labels and publishers know how their earnings are calculated. Operating in a US$7B European music copyright market, the company distributes background music to stores in 20 countries and pays royalties to artists and publishers worldwide.

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