David Evans

  • Current company BOS Brands
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Food & Beverage

BOS Brands was co-founded by David Evans and Grant Rushmere. The brand looks to offer consumers a stylish, premium drink that tastes great, without compromising health. By harnessing locally produced rooibos as the main ingredient, all products are high in health benefits and environmentally sustainable.

Dave and Grant are the perfect team to build a brand. Dave left his corporate job to start a bakery, Vovo Telo, and grew it into a national chain. Similarly, after graduating from the University of Cape Town and spending a few years in Europe, Grant returned to South Africa to found Afro Coffee, which was eventually purchased by Red Bull. After the acquisition, Grant wanted to start another venture, and fortuitously met Richard Bowsher, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Grant and Richard discussed the gap in the South African market for a healthy drink, like water or tea that is also trendy. They decided to partner, and spent the next few years developing BOS, which they released in 2010. Dave joined the team in 2011 as CEO.

BOS Brands offers beverages that are healthy while still being delicious and fun. Through its ice tea and sports drink lines, the brand attracts health-conscious young professionals. With rooibos as the main ingredient for both lines, the company’s products are rich in antioxidants, electrolytes, anti-inflammatory properties, and essential minerals. They do not contain caffeine, colorants, or preservatives. BOS has built a strong brand allegiance through marketing initiatives that focus on creating engaging and entertaining events and customer experiences at its retailers.

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