Darci Schneid

  • Current company Sirtec
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Cleantech & Infrastructure

Since founding SIRTEC in 1989, Darci has overseen its evolution into the most reliable third-party service provider for power utilities in Rio Grande do Sul (RS). SIRTEC builds and maintains electrical networks for power utilities, ensuring that the electrical providers meet key performance indicators related to frequency and duration of energy disruptions. The company consistently produces results 10% to 20% above government targets and 30% above those of its competitors. With 900 employees, SIRTEC currently services three large utilities in the RS state, providing third party implementation, repair, and transmission services.

SIRTEC categorizes its services into A Teams and H Teams for lightweight service repairs and larger infrastructure and maintenance assignments, respectively. The company operates a 344-vehicle fleet and state-of-the-art management software. SIRTEC’s growing porfolio of large public and private utilities has made it the largest player in the region. To fulfill its enormous growth potential, SIRTEC is expanding coverage within its existing client portfolio, from a 16% market share of the RS state to 35%.

Darci has grown his company to the predominant provider in the RS state, dramatically raising the standards for electricity providers in Brazil. SIRTEC’s superior management processes and dedication to constant technological improvements have produced performance results without compromising employees’ safety.

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