Daniele Ratti

  • Current company Fatture in cloud
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Small businesses should not have big accounting problems. But in 2015, the Italian government introduced regulation Disegno di Legge S. 1699 which requires all public administration suppliers to issue 100% of their invoices electronically using a highly specific integration format. In 2018, this regulation was extended to all Italian businesses via Disegno di Legge S. 2960. Regardless of size or industry, all Italian businesses must comply by January 2019. Fatture in Cloud (FIC) provides 30K Italian SME owners with cloud-based software to seamlessly issue e-invoices and manage their businesses under the new regulatory standards. With most Italian business owners still conducting invoicing by hand, and as more government entities render e-invoicing mandatory FIC aims to tackle the $1.25B Italian opportunity ahead.

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