Selected 2009

Daniel Wjuniski

  • Current company Minha Vida
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Healthcare

In 2004, Daniel and Fernando saw the demand for online health and wellness information in their country and created the WebMD of Brazil. MinhaVida, which began as a nutrition website and has expanded to address all health issues, provides instant access to a virtual library of more than 15,000 texts and guides written by physicians, medical associations and universities. With twelve million registered users and ten million hits per month, it has become the most popular health and wellness portal in Latin America and is well on its way to becoming Brazil’s most recognized health and wellness brand.

Through mentorship and introductions to lawyers and consultants, Endeavor Brazil has helped the Entrepreneurs refine their growth and financing strategy as well as build a strong organizational structure to support a larger workforce.

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Brazil’s Minha Vida Group, which manages a medical/health care website of the same name and a popular online

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