Selected 2012

Daniel Jejcic

  • Current company GoodPeople S.A.
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Retail

Since 2008, Pablo Orlando and Daniel Jejcic have been working to bring together a fragmented community of action sports fans in Argentina both online via their company’s social ecommerce site, and offline through stores and large-scale events.

Pablo and Daniel both grew up in Buenos Aires, but did not meet until they were introduced by the Director of the Entrepreneurship department at the University of San Andres. The Director introduced the two because they had both spoken to him separately about their interest in opening an oxygen bar.

Inspired by a discussion about Daniel’s university thesis on online communities, they felt compelled to build something they had been unable to find in Argentina: a cohesive community for those who loved actions sports. In 2008, they learned to make longboards in Daniel’s backyard and began inviting groups of friends to test their products. The two created a blog to which they uploaded pictures and videos of their skate reunions. Soon, other sports fans began interacting with them. Encouraged by this positive feedback, they started producing attire and gear, and by 2010 they were outsourcing production to factories.

Today, GoodPeople has stores throughout Argentina, as well as a comprehensive online platform where actions sport fans can interact, share content, and purchase or sell clothing and technical gear. As a first-mover in this space, GoodPeople has secured deals with some of the biggest sponsors in the industry, including X Games, which has selected the company as their commercial agent throughout South America.

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