Selected 2012

Daniel Armand-Ugon

  • Current company ConectaGames
  • Location Uruguay
  • Industry Media

ConectaGames is developing the world’s leading card and board games on Facebook and other social networks. The company, developed by Daniel Armand-Ugon and Nicolas Batlle, creates multiplayer Facebook and mobile versions of the most popular board and card games.

As young boys in Montevideo, the founders developed a love for technology. After receiving degrees from Uruguay’s University of the Republic and the University of Vermont, Daniel co-founded an ISP. In 2002, Nicolas, who had been the IT manager of a small bank in Uruguay and of the Uruguayan stock exchange, bought out Daniel’s co-founder and joined the company. There, he leveraged his degree from the University of Engineering of Uruguay to help shape and innovate the brand.

As Facebook games began to appear in 2009, the entrepreneurs realized that a re-furbished Facebook version of games would be a good way to engage clients outside of Uruguay. The company hired a developer and launched an Argentine Facebook-based version of the game in 2010. Within four months, the game had 1 million users.

Today, ConectaGames offers 17 high quality multiplayer games on Facebook, of which some are available on the iPad. The company allows users to connect with anyone in the world to play the games they grew up with and to provide businesses with advertising opportunities to specific cultural demographics. Although many gaming have digitized games, ConectaGames has found a niche market by identifying the most culturally popular games. The company’s end-users play for longer and cost less to acquire.

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