Craig Raw

  • Current company BrandsEye
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Marketing

With a quarter of the world using social media, humans cannot process the volume of online conversations. BrandsEye’s proprietary platform enables consumer-facing brands to listen to what their customers say about them in order to better inform their business strategy. The platform incorporates a crowd-sourcing layer to add nuance to the raw information, which in turn makes the data more accurate than competitors’.

Craig Raw started his career as an engineer in the telecom industry. His passion for software development led him to join Quirk as founding CTO. Craig initiated and designed well-known software products. Inspired by the growth of online blogs and social media, He created a software product that would aggregate and decipher online conversations. Quirk spun out the resulting product, BrandsEye, as an independent company.

In 2013, Craig brought on JP Kloppers as CEO. JP is an innovator with an eye for opportunity and a passion for efficiency. Since taking control of BrandsEye, JP has start-pivoted the company from an online reputation manager to a business intelligence and research offering.

BrandsEye gives companies a way to assess and enhance the ways they reach and interact with their customers. It harnesses a group of local citizens, what it calls the “Crowd”, to review social data from feeds like Twitter and Facebook. Members compete with one and another and earn money when they independently agree on the sentiment and relevancy of an online conversation.

As comeback candidates, Craig and JP recognize the value and power of Endeavor’s network.

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