Selected 2013

Claudia de Heredia

  • Current company Endeavor - Mexico
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

Kichink! is an e-commerce solution that is designed and built to be as simple, intelligent, personal and safe as possible. Its user-friendly one-stop platform allows anyone to start selling in minutes, without upfront investment. With more Mexicans connecting to the Internet every day, Kichink! responds to the growing demand for a simple and comprehensive e-commerce platform. By encompassing every step from online customer acquisition to final distribution, Kichink! facilitates operations for SMEs and large corporations alike.

Latin American consumers, who have yet to be fully convinced of the safety of e-commerce payments, presented an opportunity for a strong, trusted brand to gain traction. Kichink! has invested heavily in guaranteeing user privacy through payment encryption and integration with trusted payment gateways. Meanwhile, reliable logistics providers like FedEx and DHL ensure user experience through the completion of each sale.

Kichink! has processed 7,000+ transactions and registered 5,000+end users. Its automated system allows for tremendous scalability as customers join from Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. The team of young, ambitious entrepreneurs is committed to democratizing the tools of e-commerce for entrepreneurs in Mexico and throughout the rest of Latin America.

Endeavor has offered vital guidance to Kichink! as it consolidates its business model. Access to Endeavor’s network of experienced mentors and investors will enable the Kichink! team to create one of the first breakout e-commerce success stories in Mexico. The team has benefited from Endeavor’s C-level mentoring campaigns and advice expanding into the rest of Latin America.

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