Selected 2010

Christian Guerra

  • Current company Previta
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Healthcare

Chronic diseases account for a majority of worldwide deaths, almost all of which occur in low to middle income countries. In Mexico, much of the population is at risk of developing diabetes, which is one of the country’s leading causes of death. For brothers Morgan and Christian Guerra, these grim figures are a call to action. Knowing that these diseases are avoidable with timely detection, Christian and Morgan are determined to make prevention a priority. Their company, Previta, makes preventative healthcare services, including diagnostic tests, clinical lab exams, vaccinations, and health-monitoring programs, affordable and convenient. Founded in 2004, Previta deploys its mobile health centers to treat communities and corporate employees in preventive campaigns, while its retail clinics make a trip to the neighborhood grocery store of pharmacy a health management opportunity for casual shoppers.

Before Previta, the Guerra brothers pursued two distinct, yet complementary paths. Morgan pursued a career in medicine, joining Sports World as a medical advisor. He also led vaccination campaigns for GlaxoSmithKline. Christian earned a degree in business administration and worked as a sales associate, until earning his MBA in Spain.

In 2004, a number of chronic diseases among family members brought Morgan and Christian together. Their idea was accessible preventive care focused on timely diagnosis, surveillance and treatment. Today, the brothers operate within two other areas: corporate campaigns and retail clinics.

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