Ching Wei Lee

  • Current company iMoney
  • Location Malaysia
  • Industry Financial Services

Making the right financial decisions for you and your family can be a painful task, especially when accurate information is difficult to find, organize and trust. Malaysian entrepreneur Ching Wei Lee (30) founded iMoney in 2012 to help ameliorate this pain. iMoney aggregates financial product rates and information across several verticals including credit cards, home and personal loans, and broadband packages. With internet penetration, credit card use, and online banking growing rapidly in both Malaysia and its Southeast Asian neighbors, the region requires a convenient way to compare different rates for different products from a variety of financial institutions. Capitalizing on this need, iMoney has garnered over 1.8M unique visitors to its website in its first three years of operations and quickly established itself as the market leader in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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