Charles Guinot

  • Current company OnlinePajak
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Financial Services

In Indonesia, 86.2% of government revenues come from taxation, but current collection rates remain low due to a complex and weak tax system. Companies particularly are burdened with having to report 15 different types of taxes multiple times per month, resulting in only 10% of more than 5 million companies fulfilling their tax obligation. OnlinePajak offers Indonesian enterprises an integrated online tax-filing software that enables them to prepare, pay and report their corporate taxes seamlessly. With 60,000 companies using the company’s free tax application, OnlinePajak aims to capture 100% of the US$225 million market within four years, and plans to expand to other verticals.

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OnlinePajak, the largest provider of tax compliance solutions in Indonesia, has raised over $25 million in Series B

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