Cem Gul

  • Current company Cosa (Formerly Nuvia)
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Retail

Nuvia is Turkish company specializing in smart home solutions. With a thermostat penetration of less than 5%, over nine million households in Turkey use their heating systems without a control unit – leading to inefficient energy consumption, high monthly bills and discomfort. Nuvia hopes spread warmth in homes and as well as bank accounts through its first product – a smart thermostat called ‘Cosa’. Cosa is an affordable wireless connected device that allows users to adjust and monitor home temperatures remotely through their smart phones. It also adapts to the user’s energy habits; for example, the preferred time to switch on heating and the desired temperature Through its smart algorithms and usage modes, it guides users to save up to 30% in monthly bills. With a smart cooling device in its product pipeline, Nuvia hopes to bring the next generation of smart home devices to the Middle Eastern, Eastern European and the African markets.

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