Selected 2009

Carlos Parada

  • Current company Servinformación
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Two forward-thinking sisters, Ximena and Mónica Patiño, and their partner Carlos Parada, are making Colombia’s census and geo-reference information easily available to the private sector. Ten years ago, they founded Servinformacion as a census and database provider, a novel concept considering that most census and geographic recollection programs at the time were government-run. They leveraged their data and expertise into the first Colombian-made geographic information systems (GIS): sophisticated applications that integrate hardware, software, and geographic data in order to capture, store, and analyze information. Most recently, Servinformacion made all of its products and services available online (at, which allows smaller businesses to access GIS and Servinformacion’s data as a web service. With offices in five locations throughout the country, Servinformation has updated maps of 415 of Colombia’s largest municipalities and has provided valuable information to over 500 clients. Monica was selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur in December 2009.

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