Carlos Ganoza

  • Current company Quantum Talent
  • Location Peru
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Today, 150M workers in Latin America are either unemployed or employed informally, while the majority of large corporations complain that they can’t find and retain the talent they need to expand their operations, even after expending massive resources on recruiting. This mismatch generates huge costs for firms, people and society, and it’s because the way in which companies and workers find each other is outdated. Today, most companies use analog recruiting methods that are highly inefficient and plagued by bias and discrimination. Quantum Talent is addressing this problem by creating a world in which firms can hire the best talent as fast and easy as hailing a taxi, and people can find the right job in the same manner. The company’s mission is to connect 100M Latin Americans to formal sector jobs in which they can be successful, and transform private sector productivity through talent.

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