Selected 2012

Carlos Frigolet

  • Current company CustomAir
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Carlos Frigolet, a Mexican entrepreneur, developed Purafiltración in 2002, while working at McQuay Equipment, where he oversaw the chemical filtration department. The purpose of Purafiltración is to sell systems that eliminate 99.5% of gas pollutants, ensuring clean air and extending the lifetime of control rooms. This is essential to many Oil and Gas, as well as Power Generation industries, which release corrosive chemicals that can damage and rest electronics, leading to short circuits, plant shut downs, and possibly deadly explosions.

Shortly after it’s founding, Purafiltración acquired exclusive representation in Mexico of Purafil, an Atlanta-based company that provides clean air to industrial plants by using a chemical filtration process. The brand also became the sole representative of ClimateWorx, a precision air conditioning company. In 2005, Carlos and his partner parted ways, and a year later the company grew by 250%, securing a contract with PEMEX for air filtration services.

Purafiltración offers a fully integrated system that ensures the highest quality of air in a control room at precisely the right temperature and humidity levels. These systems are accompanied with end-to-end services, from designing system specifications to providing maintenance services. Purafiltración’s exclusive contracts with suppliers ensure that it alone offers the highest quality products within the Mexican market. Its reputation and strong relationships with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms that evaluate the control rooms’ air quality needs, as well as its relationships with the contractors and end-users that build the control rooms, further entrench its position in the market.

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