Carlos Agami

  • Current company Agasys
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Founded in 2006, Agasys uses CCTV systems (video surveillance systems) to measure and increase the productivity of employees and to derive insights into customer behavior.

Jacobo Adami, the cofounder of Agasys, studied computer systems engineering at ITESM, and later received an MBA from the same institution. For many years he worked as an IT Manager for a jewelry retail business. When the company implemented SAP’s ERP system in 2006, Jacobo developed POS soft that works on top of SAP’s system. Realizing its potential, he started Agasys that same year to sell his POS software, and six years later, Agasys became a licensed SAP partner in Mexico. Carlos Zaga, the cofounder and commercial director, complements his brother’s technical skills with business savvy.

When Carlos joined Agasys, he was committed to improving the work culture in Mexico. He spent a summer studying at HBS and working at MIT, researching the gap in productivity between the US and developing countries. He knew that Mexican companies lacked the means to understand their employee’s behavior and employees felt indifferent about best practices without positive encouragement. The brothers pivoted Agasys by developing software that selects a random sampling of surveillance video footage. By analyzing these clips, Agasys provides managers with actionable insights into the behavior of employees and customers.

Through Agasys, Carlos and Jacobo strive to elevate employees’ productivity; by providing a window into how they work, Agasys delivers accountability and responsibility to employees.

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