Carline Darjanto

  • Current company COTTONINK
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Retail

In Indonesia, trendy western ready-to-wear fashion is often too flashy, right, and revealing for Indonesian women’s tastes. Alternative affordable fashion-forward options, however, are hard to find. Cotton Ink is aiming to become the leading Indonesian women’s retailer through its range of trendy clothing that evokes confidence with its simple yet stylish designs.

Carline Darjanto’s artistic eye and Ria Sarwono’s analytical mind go together perfectly. Carline attended the LaSalle College of Fashion and received the award for best art student upon her graduation. Ria received a degree in design and visual communication and worked as a sales associate at a trendy Indonesian retailer.

After graduation, Carline and Ria designed and sold clothes to their friends through Facebook. Soon they began to receive order from outside their friend networks. This success led them to quit their formal jobs and launch Cotton Ink in 2010.

Cotton Ink’s affordable fashion encourages Indonesian women to feel comfortable in a range of pastel, earth-toned, and traditional cotton fabrics. The clothing’s relaxed cut provides comfort while still flattering slender frames. The brand launches new collections every week, unlike competitors that do so every few months. Customers can access and interact with the brand through its ecommerce platform, four retail partners, and its strong social media presence.

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