Carl Petter Boehlke

  • Current company Aldeamo
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Hans Christian Boehlke, Carl Petter Boehlke, and Alfredo Angel are creating aldeas móviles all over the world. Aldeamo is helping customers connect and communicate with their audiences to reach their objectives using any type of mobile phone without having to use data.

The Boehlke brothers were entrepreneurial from an early age. After graduating from Los Andes University in 1994, Hans Christian started his first company, a web development firm called Axesnet. When younger brother Carl Petter graduated from Los Andes in 1998, he founded, an online marketplace for used textbooks. Carl Petter relocated to Norway to pursue a graduate degree in Information Systems. Taking a year off from Axesnet, Hans Christian joined Carl Petter in Norway where the two met fellow Colombian Alfredo Angel, who had just sold a consultancy business. The three bonded immediately, sharing a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to Colombia.

Hans Christian, Carl Petter, and Alfredo quickly became convinced there was an opportunity in bringing value-added mobile services to Colombia. In 2004, they founded Aldeamo, which began as a mobile entertainment content business. Aldeamo helps people to communicate and connects audiences with shared interests via the company’s communication and content distribution platform. With feedback from panelists, the entrepreneurs invested in building a platform to connect to mobile carriers directly.

Inspired to think bigger and implement a structure to grow globally, the entrepreneurs are returning to Endeavor when the company can rapidly scale through further penetration in current markets and the development of its products.

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