Selected 2005

Candice Roberts

  • Current company Call Force Direct
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

CallForce recruits, places, and manages individuals on behalf of in-house call centers operated by corporations in South Africa. South Africa is an increasingly popular outsourcing destination, and CallForce is finding a way to create a sustainable business and develop thousands of skilled jobs.

In South Africa, unemployment remains high. A generation of previously disadvantaged individuals is entering the workforce having never received the education or training to meet the skills needed for the 21st Century economy. Candice Roberts & Peter Lethole Molotsi are finding an innovative way to change this. CallForce Direct aims to be the leading recruitment and training company for the call center industry in South Africa. CallForce is not a call center; it does not hire workers for outsourced call centers. The company recruits individuals and places them into in-house call centers operated by top corporations in South Africa, where CallForce continues to manage them. South Africa is becoming an outsourcing destination for UK, Netherlands corporations, and US and Candice and Peter are working to capture this opportunity, finding a way to create a sustainable business and develop thousands of skilled laborers.

Born in Cape Town to a family of small business entrepreneurs, Candice always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from Birnam Business College in Johannesburg, where she received a diploma in public relations, she worked for recruitment firm Teleresources – a generalist recruitment company. As national operations manager, she was full of ideas to improve the business, but her suggestions fell on deaf ears. In 1999, she left to launch her own recruitment firm focused on the fast-growing South African Business Process Outsourcing and Call Center markets. She and former colleague Aart Jansen established CallForce Direct – a recruitment and HR management company dedicated to developing innovative human resources (HR) solutions previously nonexistent in the recruitment market.

In March 2000, Peter Molotsi, a former teacher and sales & marketing executive joined the team as Sales & Marketing Director and today is a full partner. As a black South African, Peter aspired to impact his country by creating a sustainable business that would generate new employment for previously disadvantaged South Africans. Partnering with CallForce enabled him to generate employment opportunities on an entirely new level.

Prioritizing a commitment to social responsibility as well as employment equity CallForce has become a fixture in the community both locally and internationally. With potential for even greater expansion and a dedicated, innovative staff, CallForce is sure to remain a powerhouse in the ever growing call center market.

In addition to benefiting from two eMBA students, Candice has received mentorship on organizational and management structure, and has attended town hall meetings and workshops. Local services have also included a peer mentorship program.

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