Can Alhas

  • Current company Evam Streaming Analytics
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Despite the hype and significant resources spent on collecting and understanding big data, due to its short-lived operational value, organizations typically capture less than 20% of the value of the collected data. EVAM, a real-time analytics platform, makes big data faster and smarter by allowing businesses across industries to utilize it for ‘in-the-moment’ decisions. EVAM’s visual and user-friendly platform allows any business user, even those without technical knowledge, to build scenarios around their customers and assets, and react quickly to business opportunities and threats. The global real-time event processing market is ~US$15B and the fastest growing segment of the data analytics, which is expected to exceed US$110B by 2019. Operating in this growing market; EVAM is making strides in the ‘fast data’ revolution at a lightening pace. With 36 corporate clients across seven countries collectively representing 250 million individuals, EVAM aims to make data accessible and actionable globally

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