Selected 2012

Bruno Balbinot

  • Current company AMBAR
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Until 2030, 330 millions new houses will be needed in the world. It will be home to 1.6 billion people. Only in Brazil, will be 30 million houses to 100 million people.
But the way these houses and apartments are builder in all the world is exactly the same from decades. A McKinsey study says that the productivity in the construction dropped by 15% in last 10 years. The same study shows that the sector is responsible for 40% of the CO2 emission and 60% of the waste production.
Today, AMBAR brings construction to a new era, promoting a building revolution.
Focusing in low and medium income houses, working in industrial processes that transform how big construction enterprises works to a new concept of micro generation of solar energy, passing by the evolution and revitalization of inadequate residences in communities.
The environment and the construction take advantage of AMBAR’s disruptive innovation. AMBAR works with intelligence, agility and quality. But the biggest revolution is to change the life of families who receive their first own house.

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