Selected 2012

Beto Justus

  • Current company TecVerde
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Entrepreneurs Caio Bonatto, Lucas Maceno, and Roberto “Beto” Justus are reimagining the concept of “home delivery”. Brazilians frequently wrestle with an inefficient, unpredictable, and costly home-buying experience. Tecverde eliminates this uncertainty, delivering high-end, eco-friendly homes with a guaranteed rapid construction time, fixed cost, and convenient financing arrangements. By using wood-frame technology that involves an initial factory construction phase, the company can construct homes six times faster than competing builders.
Caio and Beto were raised amid the cranes of their families’ construction sites in Paraná, so it is no surprise that they sought to transform building standards in Brazil. Lucas is a Paraná native as well. The entrepreneurs met at the Federal University of Paraná, where they all studied civil engineering. While touring foreign countries by invitation from SENAU, the three gained valuable exposure to innovative construction practices.

The entrepreneurs returned home determined to shake up the Brazilian housing market. In 2009 they founded Tecverde with the goal of industrializing the home-building process through the use of wood-frame technology.

Today, Tecverde is able to provide high-income Brazilians with a groundbreaking solution to their home-buying needs. The company offers its clients a variety of sustainable models with defined construction times and prices, and convenient financing terms. The resulting product line is divided by level of customization, ranging from prompt delivery homes to more complex designs.

By applying superior technology to the building process, Tecverde delivers unrivalled manufacturing speed and sustainable designs to a market lacking an innovative home-buying experience.

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