Bede Moore

  • Current company Vela Asia
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

Vela Asia helps domestic brands capitalize on the burgeoning online market and international brands seeking to enter Indonesia navigate the country’s language and geographical complexity. Vela Asia operates its own multi-brand portals that sell electronics and fashion. The company also manages the entire ecommerce operation for clients brands from the store-front to back-end logistics.

Bede Moore and Susie Sugden have a deep-rooted interest in Southeast Asia. Susie was raised in Thailand and later attended the University of Melbourne. Bede studied Indonesian History at Harvard University and earned a Master’s degree from Leiden University. The duo met while working for the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne, and immediately bonded over their passion for Southeast Asia.
Bede and Susie wanted build a platform that would bring Indonesia’s traditionally brick-and-mortar retail sector online. The entrepreneurs saw that local brands were struggling to establish an ecommerce presence and international brands needed assistance navigating the local market.

Vela Asia offers a suite of end-to-end ecommerce solutions to brick-and-mortar retailers in Indonesia and international brands trying to navigate the nuances of the Indonesian market. Vela Asia operates multi-brand portals under websites and The company also manages the entire ecommerce operation for mono-brand clients. Vela delivers the expertise and infrastructure to bring its clients online throughout the ecommerce value chain.

In addition to being at the forefront of the booming ecommerce market in Southeast Asia, Bede and Susie’s commitment to Indonesia will inspire other entrepreneurs to work and invest in the region.

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