Selected 2011

Aytül Erçil

  • Current company Vispera
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Professor turned entrepreneur, Aytül Erçil, founded Vistek in 2006 to take advantage of commercial trends in her dual fields of expertise. Vistek delivers smart camera-based automation systems that can quickly and effectively scan various processes, and then output statistical analysis. Vistek offers sophisticated automating systems to Turkish clients across a broad range of industries. It has grown Vistek into a team of Turkey’s top robotic engineers who can develop and implement computer vision systems for corporate clients.

Aytül has always been ambitious and passionate when it comes to engineering. She beat out more than 1.5 million students to win a scholarship to prestigious Bogazici University. She graduated with a double major and went on to receive a Masters and PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. She returned to Turkey to work as a professor at Bogazici University. She began the Sabanci R&D Center, which was certified as an EU Center of Excellence. The center attracted the attention of Inovent.

With support from Inovent, as well as her own desire to turn her research into something concert, she launched Vistek in 2006. The vision is simple: translate Aytül’s incredible expertise into profitable projects for real-world clients. It develops customized systems and per-project consulting. Vistek partnered with ISRA VISION, the global leader in computer vision applications for the glass industry.

Vistek has put Turkey on the map for computer pattern recognition and machine vision systems. It has partnered with ISRA VISION to establish product lines to better serve nascent markets.

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