Selected 2011

Arturo Macip

  • Current company RECOVERY
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Education & Talent

Mexico’s approximately 5,000 physical therapists soon will be unable to meet the demand generated by the more than six million Mexicans living with neurological or motor disability. To address this gap, Alejandro and Arturo founded IPETH, a university offering a four-year, non-residential full-time bachelors degree in physical therapy (PT). The university opened in Puebla in 2006. Today it is rapidly expanding with a new campus in Mexico City and new undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs, with plans to rapidly scale its enrollments over the next few years.

With a 75% graduation rate and an 85% employment rate upon graduation, IPETH outperforms other university PT programs. In addition, the university primarily targets low-income students who would not normally enroll in a four-year degree program. The bachelor’s degree program curriculum was crafted with input from top specialists. The university’s on-campus clinics provide hands-on training for students by offering free rehabilitation to low-income patients. It is the only institution of its kind to be certified by numerous physical therapy industry groups.

To fulfill its mission of providing world class instruction and solid employment opportunities for alumni, IPETH has formed partnerships with PT clinics and an entrepreneurship program to help alumni open clinics of their own. Alejandro is the lead investor in a clinic franchise with plans to open 50 to 70 locations providing alumni with job opportunities nationwide.

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