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Arturo Galvan

  • Current company Naranya
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Media

Arturo Galván founded Naranya in 2002. The company develops mobile content that is compatible with non-smart phones. From 2002 to 2008, Naranya developed basic mobile content for companies for a one-time development fee. In 2008, they transitioned to a B2C model and started selling a wider range of mobile games, videos, and apps.

Arturo is an experienced media and technology guru. He graduated from Tec de Monterrey, and at 21 joined Latin America’s largest printed media company, Grupo Reforma, where he served as CTO and VP of Business Development. Under his leadership Infosel, a first generation Internet portal, launched a real-time financial information service. For these successes, the Wall Street Journal named him “Apostle of the Internet” for the region. When Telefonica de Espana acquired Infosel, as part of Terra Networks, Arturo was named President of Terra Mexico.

After three years as President of Terra Mexico, Arturo saw an opportunity to create value through the convergence of emerging mobile technology, entertainment, and marketing. He approached two colleagues and in 2002 they founded Naranya. The trio developed an SMS-based messaging and content platform. Reality show producers licensed Naranya’s platform for polling audiences during their shows. Media and entertainment brands hired Naranya to create mobile games and images.

With its transition to a B2C model, Naranya became the regional powerhouse it is today. By 2009, Naranya launched a series of subscription based services under its “Naranya Entertainment” division.

Naranya is well-positioned to capitalize on Latin America’s market over the next few years.

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Naranya Market, founded by Arturo Galvan, launched Naranya Pay, a micro-payment platform powering its marketplace that is currently available in

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