Ariel Martin Gesto

  • Current company InvGate
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Ariel was dissatisfied with the IT management tools offered by large enterprise technology companies, so he set out to create a suite of superior products. Founded in 2008, InvGate develops software for IT infrastructure management that allows medium-to-large enterprises to configure, monitor and manage all of their IT assets remotely, as well as centralize IT help requests. InvGate has a lead on its competitors, already securing 350 clients in 18 countries. It expects to continue to grow revenue and expand into new markets, with global software spending slotted to grow at double the pace of overall IT spending.

InvGate’s products are interactive and engaging to use while also ensuring that smooth and secure operation. Its two key IT management tools, InvGate Assets and InvGate Service Desk, provide accurate, real-time information about critical IT services. InvGate’s web-based solutions also integrate different hardware and software on a company’s network. By incorporating the latest trends in Web 2.0, gamification and social networking, InvGate is able to deliver an innovative and user-friendly interface at a fraction of the cost and implementation time compared to its competitors.

Although a handful of companies have controlled the market share in IT Management traditionally, the growth of small, targeted vendors like InvGate threaten to disrupt the competitive landscape. InvGate’s innovative features and functionality, combined with its quick uptake of social network trends, gives it the opportunity to differentiate itself from its larger competitors.

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