Selected 2011

Ariel Burschtin

  • Current company PedidosYa
  • Location Uruguay
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Founded in 2009 by three Uruguayan twenty-somethings, PedidosYa is an online solution for ordering food delivery. Restaurants, enticed by streamlined order processing and a new sales channel, are signing onto the PedidosYa platform at a rapid clip, and hungry people are flocking to the website’s easy-to-navigate interface. With financing from Atomico and Kaszek Ventures, the PedidosYa founders are beneficiaries of Latin America’s nascent VC ecosystem, representing a new generation of high-tech entrepreneurs.

Álvaro García and Ariel Burschtin took their “Entrepreneurial Attitude” class at Universidad ORT Uruguay seriously enough to turn their senior project into a business. They recruited Ruben Sosenke, Ariel’s childhood friend, to be CTO. Álvaro and Ariel share CEO duties; Álvaro focuses on marketing and Ariel on restaurant acquisitions. went live in 2009. They received significant funding from endeavor entrepreneurs, and have since hit many milestones.

Today, PedidosYa lists many restaurants in eleven countries. Users enter their address and PedidosYa returns a list of restaurants within delivery range along with menus, hours of operation and reviews. Restaurants handle food preparation, delivery, and payment collection. The PedidosYa platform relays orders to restaurants via an online dashboard. Account managers work closely with restaurants to improve operations and ensure a quality experience for restaurants and users alike.

In an industry that is notorious for balking at IT innovation, PedidosYa is winning over hearts and stomachs with its intuitive interface and customer approval. Racing other VC-backed companies, PedidosYa will beat out competition by focusing relentlessly on product development, team-building and execution.

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