Selected 2010

Antonio Feregrino Quezada

  • Current company Grupo Delicias
  • Location Mexico

Using proprietary technology to develop cost-effective, value-added cattle feed to sell to dairy farmers and feed lots. Since taking over the reins of their family-owned dairy farm in 2000, Juan Carlos and José Antonio Feregrino have expanded their original product offering from milk and dairy byproducts with a focus on improving dairy farmers’ margins worldwide. Compared to traditional feed, Grupo Delicias’s alternative solution costs about 12% less and, with up to 100% more protein, provides the nutrition needed for efficient meat and milk production.

The company’s earnings as a percentage of revenue have consistently exceeded the industry standard of 13%. Additionally, year-over-year sales growth has outpaced the global rate of 3-5% significantly. Grupo Delicias has secured brewer AB Inbev as a major supplier of raw ingredients, lowering production costs and enabling the company to reach 100% operational capacity. Moreover, after reengineering their processes the company continues to drive down costs while doubling its original operational capacity. Despite all of this, outstanding customer demand remains and short-term growth will be focused on increased feed sales to this current customer base. In the future, the company plans to double this existing base. In addition, Grupo Delicias is considering including a line of value-added consumer dairy products and commercializing its proprietary extrusion technology.

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