Anne Tham

  • Current company ACE EdVenture
  • Location Malaysia
  • Industry Education

Malaysia’s education systems use outdated teaching methods that rely on passive regurgitation of information and don’t prepare students for the 21st century workplace, which requires skills like collaboration, creativity, and leadership. And despite adequate resources for education, Malaysia ranks 52nd out of 72 countries in global education (OECD Survey, 2015). Determined to change this, ACE EdVenture (ACE) is a network of schools bringing a fresh approach to Malaysian education by harboring a dynamic and interactive environment where students benefit from active learning methods (e.g. discussion-oriented, experiential, application-based learning). With 1,700 students across 3 schools, ACE is home to Malaysia’s first ever entrepreneurial school, which teaches students from the age of 7 how to run profitable, sustainable businesses.

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