Andy Eastes

  • Current company SkuVault
  • Location Louisville
  • Industry Cleantech & Infrastructure

The first-of-its-kind, cloud-based solution for eCommerce, SkuVault has helped nearly 500 online retail businesses in 86 cities keep track of their stock — what’s on hand, where it is, and when it’s available — to increase efficiency and reduce human error in tracking inventory and order fulfillment. In addition to providing around-the-clock visibility to warehouse operators, the software provides real-time updates to consumers, ensuring that quantities in storage correlate with product listings across various marketplaces and sales channels. Like its clients’ products now, SkuVault’s software is flying off the shelves: Having multiplied its revenues 15x in four years, the company is well on track to exceed US$150 million in revenues and reach 20,000 users in 20 countries by 2020.

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