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Andrés Angulo

  • Current company Campoalto
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Education

With one of the highest unemployment rates in Latin America, Colombia needs to better train the country’s young and economically disadvantaged population to enter the workforce. CAMPOALTO, founded in 1996 by doctors Andres Angulo, Alvaro Hoffmann, and Hugo Novoa, does just that.

Alvaro, Hugo, and Andres realized a shared passion for medicine and education during their days as TA’s at Colombia’s Universidad del Bosque. After they graduated, they went on to pursue additional schooling and specialization. Alvaro focused on Anesthesiology, Higo achieved his MD in Internal Medicine, and Andres graduated from Ophthalmology.

In the mid ‘90s, the friends were facing some unexpected challenges. In addition to balancing difficult course and clinical training, they found themselves picking up the slack caused by a shortage of qualified nursing assistants. This led the entrepreneurs to found CAMPOALTO (CA) in 1996.

The vision for CA was to create an affordable high-quality training program for Bogotá’s bottom of the pyramid. In 2002, the entrepreneurs began to split their time 50/50 between CA and medicine, and developed additional programs.

They soon accredited CA by advocating for a new sector of government-regulated education, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. In 2009, CA became the first institution to receive the new certification as a school for Work and Human Development.

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