Selected 2011

Andrés Ameglio

  • Current company Salado Ltda. (Salado Media)
  • Location Uruguay

Producing commercials for a global audience for such clients as Toyota, Coca-Cola and Comcast, brothers Carlos and Andrés Ameglio are building a dynamic AV production ecosystem that spans all of Latin American. Founded in 1996, Salado Media has been recognized for excellence by the likes of the Cannes and the New York Film Festivals.

Growing up in Montevideo’s Cinemateca Uruguaya, one of the world’s most impressive film collections, the Ameglio brothers were early on introduced to a sophisticated world of film appreciation. Teenage adventure in filmmaking eventually took a professional turn and Carlos found a marketable medium in TV commercials. He eventually founded Salado in 1996, and focused on international clients from the start. Despite apparent success, Salado’s finances were a mess.

Enter Andrés. While Cali pursued his creative passions, Andrés played professional rugby and started a career in finance. He later joined American Express, relocating to Miami. Cali reached out to Andrés for help. In 2004, the brother reunited to form Salado Media’s management team, Cali as the creative force of nature and Andrés as the rational organizer. By 2004, the company was profitable.

Salado’s services run the gamut of AV production, from script development to film editing. The company’s revenues are mostly generated from TV commercials. Salado offers full service production of commercials and is also contracted to provide logistical support.

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