Amr El-Tayeb

  • Current company Smart Medical Services
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Healthcare

Nearly 42 million Egyptians, over half of the population, lacks access to healthcare. Tens of millions of others are on state insurance, which delivers notoriously inadequate service. While practicing medicine, Amr saw firsthand the opacity and sluggishness of Egyptian healthcare delivery. He saw room for a third party payer (TPP) service and third party administrator (TPA) service to resolve these inefficiencies, which led him to found Smart Care Medical Services in 2010.

Smart Care offers corporate clients customized and discounted health care plans with access to over 400 health care providers (hospitals, clinics etc.). In addition, it educates clients’ employees about the plan, manages the revision process, and provides extensive customer service to beneficiaries, clients, and providers alike. For those not on a corporate healthcare plan, Smart Care provides discount medical cards. As a TPP, Smart Care behaves as the insurer; as a TPA, it only manages a client’s healthcare plan, and another institution pays for the claims.

Its quality and transparency of service has earned Smart Care a 95% customer retention rate. The company emphasizes educating everybody in a company, from senior executives to entry level employees, about its services. Smart Care already counts over 100 corporate clients, serving more than 10,000 Egyptians. Amr plans to expand to new offices in Egypt and Kuwait. In addition, he plans on introducing smart cards that contain digitized patient information in order to reduce administration costs and human error.

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