Amgad Sultan

  • Current company Gourmet Investment Group
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Going beyond pantry-staples, Gourmet Investment Group (GIG) helps food lovers rediscover their gastronomic pleasures by manufacturing, trading and retailing premium quality food and ingredients. From cheese, meat, to fresh fruits and vegetables, all of GIG’s foods are sourced from 40+ suppliers and produced in a supply chain that is environmentally responsible, and in accordance with the world’s highest safety standards. The company places strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical processes at all stages of the supply chain, from worker conditions to recyclable packaging. Today GIG retails through its seven stores, backed by e-commerce, and home-delivery and to 200+ food outlets, including Starbucks, TGI Fridays and The Four Seasons Hotel. GIG hopes to grab a significant slice of the US$13 billion Egyptian F&B sector to become the region’s leading exporter of premium foods and ingredients designed, developed and manufactured in Egypt.

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