Selected 2012

Alvaro Maldonado

  • Current company Asuan
  • Location Uruguay
  • Industry Agriculture

Asuan is building superior production systems for global protein producers through customization and advanced technology. These systems play a key role in food production, as they integrate machinery and human labor to convert raw materials into edible products, and then sort, package, and distribute boxes of products. Thanks to the extensive experience of Asuan’s team, the company has developed superior templates that are customized as per client needs through a rigorous consultation process.

Asuan’s co-founders and co-CEOs Álvaro Maldonado and Eduardo Delbono are both engineers by training; Eduardo a mechanical engineer and Álvaro an electrical engineer. The two met while working in the R&D team at Grupo Otegui in Uruguay, a major agribusiness holding, where they built expertise in production systems by designing wool-processing plants. The company’s intrapreneurial culture allowed both young men to develop skills beyond their jobs.

While at Grupo Otegui, the entrepreneurs recognized a business opportunity in the fragmented nature of agribusiness. So, they left to start their own company – one that would streamline this process and deliver ready-to-use systems. After hiring meat-processing expert Carlos Fridman, Asuan turned its focus to red meat and has not looked back.

Asuan offers a system for deboning red meat processing facilities, and also offers box-handling systems that can be adapted to a wide range of products. Both systems enable clients to significantly increase productivity. The company distinguishes itself by offering what its competitors do not: superior templates, custom designs, and the most sophisticated technology.

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