Alvaro Diaz Castro

  • Current company Pulso Salud
  • Location Peru
  • Industry Healthcare

Pulso Salud is breathing new life into the healthcare industry by tackling the Peruvian healthcare deficit and providing medical exams to workers that ensure companies are in compliance with legal requirements.

Co-founders Álvaro Díaz and Martín Olano have shared experience in the mining industry. Álvaro is a highly respected mining lawyer in Peru, who launched his successful career directly after graduating from law school. Martín, a civil engineer, worked as a project manager for mining companies. In 2009, while working together on a project, they became frustrated with the difficulty of hiring people to staff the projects. Peru’s Occupational Health Law, which mandates that new employees be required to pass medical examinations before starting work, imposed incessant bottlenecks on their mining projects.

Martín and Álvaro decided to start a new chain of hospitals that would offer high-quality, technology-empowered services. They hired an experienced surgeon, and Pulso Salud was born in 2010.

Pulso Salud protects companies against legal liabilities for workplace-induced injuries, and ensures wellness among patients by educating them on preventive health measures. For its occupational health exams, doctors conduct routine tests and check-ups on clients’ employees to screen for physical ailments and diseases that may impinge on work performance. Pulso Salud delivers patient’s consultation on disease prevention and tips on how to live a healthy life. Their medical equipment and systematic clinic design optimize exam time and achieve rapid turnover.

Pulso Salud’s multi-pronged expansion plan exemplifies the “big thinking” that the founders have exhibited since they started in 2010.

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